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Automatic Logging

Our site logs your IP address and uses it to gather broad demographic data. Your IP address tells us what kind of browser you use, your screen’s size, your viewing habits and your login location. We use this information to tailor our site to your computer’s needs and give you a better gaming experience. We use IP tracking to protect all users and to discourage abuse throughout the site.

Third-Party Advertising

When you visit our site, you may notice a variety of ads. We use third-party advertising to display these promotions. The companies may use information about you if you click on the ads and follow them to the source site. Please be aware that the privacy policies of those sites may differ from ours, and we do not assume responsibility for these sites or the lack of provisions in their privacy policies. Please read their individual policies if you have any concerns.

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Our site does not disclose personal information about users who are age 13 or younger to other parties. We may use a variety of advertising companies to deliver ads. Some companies may use your email address, name, phone number or other information about your visit to other sites in promotions. These parties may also use flash or standard cookies, which they place on your machine or browser. They may also use ad courses and beacons for information collection on their sites.

When we collect anonymous information from you, we may use that non-identifiable information with our clients or partners for the sole purpose of improving their services. Outside parties such as game developers and advertisers may request some information from you. This is permitted in the privacy policy of our site and in the privacy policies of their sites. When they request additional information or plan to use it beyond this scope, they will disclose this. You can choose not to have your information shared in such manners. To avoid accepting standard cookies, open your browser’s settings to manually disable them. You can enable them again later if you wish.

How We Use Information

When you provide personal information through our site, we do not store it beyond a necessary amount of time. We use personal information to ensure user compliance with our terms. People who are over the age of 13 who register automatically give us permission to send email notifications related to our site. This may include both products and services. We may disclose information in some special cases if we have reason to believe that a user has broken the law. If a user is causing damage to another person or is participating in illegal activities, we may hand over personal information to law enforcement or agencies with legal authorization to receive the information. When we do this, it is only in accordance with existing state and federal laws.

In some instances, we may use information that does not identify you. We collect this data to help us improve our site and what we offer. We also use the information to personalize your experience on our site. This allows us to make a customized enjoyable experience for each user. Our staff may use the information to analyze interaction habits for different pages on our site. We also use it to extend services, programs and special products to our users.

External Links

Our site may contain multiple links to other pages and sites. Although we strive to provide only the best quality of recommended products or services through these links, we do not take responsibility for the content, business practices or varying privacy practices of those sites. Please read the individual privacy policies of those pages if you have any concerns.

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When you create an account on our site and provide your email address, you may be registered to receive one or more promotional offers from our site. You may also receive our newsletter. If you wish to stop receiving communications from us through email, you may unsubscribe from the list by clicking the appropriate link in the email.

When you participate in a special offering from our site and provide your email address, we consider this enrollment in our email program whether you opted out before or not. If you wish to opt out again after that point, you may do so by following the appropriate link. The same enrollment rule applies if you enroll in an offer through a banner ad on one of our pages. It also applies toward our site from another party’s site.

We still reserve the right to send you email notifications related to your account and the status of your account whether you subscribe to our promotions and newsletters or not. You may also contact us directly if you have any concerns about email communications, subscriptions and privacy.


If you use a feature on this site to recommend it to a friend, we may include your email address to let the recipient know who referred them. This means that it would appear the same as an email from you to your friend. We do not use referred email addresses for any other purposes and do not share them with any other parties.

Children’s Privacy

Children who are 13 years of age or less should have a supervising adult’s permission before using this site or creating an account on it. This site may contain games, images and language posted by other users that some adults may not find appropriate for children. Since users may be able to contact one another, we encourage adults to be proactive and know who their children are messaging online. Our site also encourages parents to educate their children about staying safe online while visiting other sites.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

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